Strangeletter is:
Steve James Bayless-Vocals, Guitar, Compositions.
Phillip Ferrier-Drums.
Elina Niemelä-Piano, synth.
Paul Carrigg-Bass.

Strangeletter’s enigmatic, occasionally dystopian brand of dark-wave alternative rock explores themes of a fractured and disintegrating world, a desire for new beginnings, madness, and the reckoning and recollection of disparate levels of intensity and love along the way.

While Strangeletter’s roots lie squarely in the realm of heavy progressive rock, a wider array of genres can be heard weaving their way into the corners its sonic palette. New wave, funk, industrial metal, psychedelic pop, electronica, and neo-classical influences have all helped shape the band’s signature sound, defining it outside the limits of conventional prog-rock into something unique and altogether strange.

The project is the inner vision of Steven James Bayless, a self described “obsessive perfectionist” and its driving creative force. An avid producer and recording engineer, Bayless spent 5 years carving out Strangeletter’s sound in his home studio, channeling his anxieties, dreams, and paranoiac tendencies for what would become Strangeletter’s first full-length album. Tracks such as “Here Comes A Chopper” (a nod to the English nursery rhyme Oranges and Lemons referenced in George Orwell’s 1984) and “Softly Creeping Sunbeams” have been featured in spots for cult hit television shows such as Firefly and Being Human, as well as in video game trailers for Playstation’s inFamous 2, and in IFC’s Portlandia.

Strangeletter continues to perform in and around the Northwest, elegantly morphing between the monumental and the subdued, and strives to keep pushing the boundaries of what modern alternative and electronic rock can achieve.