I have yet another new video from the album Future Face in the bag. I’ve been trying to up my animating game. Enjoy.


It’s here, the first official video since the one we did for ‘Here Comes A Chopper’, several years ago. Plus, my new album ‘Future Face’ is now out. This album is a little more consistently uptempo and energetic than previous entries. It’s a little shorter too, but every song is a labor of love, and this album encapsulates a very specific time in my life. I hope you like it. It’s out on Bandcamp now, and will be available on iTunes, and streaming sites shortly. I¬†want to thank everyone for their support for my humble project.



I’m extremely excited to announce a brand new, seven song album coming out early October, as well as the premiere of video for it that I’ve been tinkering with since last November. Stay tuned …

album-advert~ Steve ~


Performing an acoustic version of ‘Borrowed Time’ from the new rehearsal space, plus a new song called ‘Quantum Walls (digital realm)’, with the excellent Mercury Hendrix on bass.

It’s been a busy few months. I’ve been finishing up a new album, putting together an effects heavy video for it, relocating cities, jobs, working with some great people to rebuild the live setup … but … sometimes inspiration comes in weird ways and a song just sort of manifests itself. This is one such song. It’s called “Parasol”. As per usual, you can help support this humble little project by purchasing it off the Bandcamp.