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New Show, December 9th!

This show has been a long time coming and it’ll mark the first show in several years! Be sure not to miss it if you’re in the Portland area. We play along side many of Portland’s finest dark/alt rock bands. There just may be some new stuff included in the set.

Rehearsal Sessions – Part 3

A solo performance of ‘Live On’, from the album Future Face.

Rehearsal Sessions – Part 2

Performing ‘The Bell Curve’, with Matt Bosak on bass and Curtis Hinck on drums.

Rehearsal Sessions – Part 1

Rehearsals for Strangeletter’s new lineup have begun! Strangeletter performing ‘Retrograde’ with Matt Bosak on Bass and Curtis Hinck on Drums.

Borrowed Time & Quantum Walls (digital realm) – Acoustic Version

Performing an acoustic version of ‘Borrowed Time’ from the new rehearsal space, plus a new song called ‘Quantum Walls (digital realm)’, with the excellent Mercury Hendrix on bass.