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New Show, December 9th!

This show has been a long time coming and it’ll mark the first show in several years! Be sure not to miss it if you’re in the Portland area. We play along side many of Portland’s finest dark/alt rock bands. There just may be some new stuff included in the set.

Borrowed Time & Quantum Walls (digital realm) – Acoustic Version

Performing an acoustic version of ‘Borrowed Time’ from the new rehearsal space, plus a new song called ‘Quantum Walls (digital realm)’, with the excellent Mercury Hendrix on bass.

New Single – Parasol

It’s been a busy few months. I’ve been finishing up a new album, putting together an effects heavy video for it, relocating cities, jobs, working with some great people to rebuild the live setup … but … sometimes inspiration comes in weird ways and a song just sort of manifests itself. This is one such song. It’s called “Parasol”. As per usual, you can help support this humble little project by purchasing it off the Bandcamp.

New Single ‘Sandbox’ & Update

It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything, apologies for that. I’ve been busy putting together a new music project I’m calling Future Face. It’ll be a little more uptempo and a little more pop oriented than Strangeletter, but not all that dissimilar. I’m super excited! There’s a seven song album that’s finished and I’ll be working on a live setup and a video during next few months. Look for it in 2016.

But in the meantime, this may be the last song under the Strangeletter name for a long while. Enjoy and thanks for all your support! – Steven James Bayless

Divine Right Of Kings

We have a new EP out with a couple of moody little instrumental numbers. It’s called Divine Right Of Kings. Find them on our Bandcamp page, and I even made a bit of a video promo for the song of the same name.